Computer Repair Basics

Know a good Computer Repair Pro

affordable computer repair palm coastToday we are finding more and more computer repair services that will come to your home.  The prices many times will not be more than going to a computer repair shop.  With the marketplace today, using a computer repair guy may be more convenient for your needs.  It is recommended that you have a recommendation first but this is not always necessary.  The key is to ask on the phone for the cost along with what experience that they may have.  Ask about their experience along with how many years they have been in business.

Computer repair updates and virus removal

A common problem for computer repair may be the operating system.  Do you do the updates that are necessary.  Some folks are so afraid of uploading a virus that they do not do the proper updates to the system.  A good computer repair person can help with what needs to be updated and what updates are trying to destroy your operating system. With all the stories we hear about virus systems that attack our files, documents and operating system, it is good to use caution.   We don’t want to be like my grand kids that click on all updates and upload a lot of games when I am not looking and accidentally upload a virus that slows down my computer.

Enjoy The Operating System for your Laptop Comoputer


Some computer repair people help their clients by uploading the spyware for them along with training them how to better use Windows 7 & 10.  I know that when I bought a new computer a few years ago and it came with Windows 8, I told the salesperson that they needed to change it to Windows 7 if they wanted a sale.  Today, we have Windows 10 which is easy to use just like Windows 7.  If you prefer the old Window 7 a computer repair pro can help with it.